Songs For Free : A Song By Chance The Rapper Called Blessings

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Songs for Free In a song by Chance the rapper called blessings he speaks of himself and the ways that he has been blessed in the music industry. He is a very revolutionary artist and, considers himself “anti-label” meaning he produces records and distributes all of his own music while also releasing it for free. When broken down a lot of the lyrics in his song can be interpreted to mean different things. A question one could ask is what kind of message is Chance trying give in this song? Is the message interpreted in a way that we can understand?

In the intro of the song chance starts by saying “I feel like blessings keep falling on my lap” typically when something “falls on someone’s lap” it can be concluded that it was given at no cost or it did not require much effort. While singing the line, female vocalists Jamailia, can be heard in the background singing “when praises go up, blessings come down” that being said one could argue that he is saying he praises God for everything he has or does so often thus being the reason why blessings “fall on his lap”. Throughout the song, chance continues to list all the ways that he has been blessed for example his successful career and the birth of his daughter ,which is also mentioned in the following line “I know the difference between blessings and world possessions, like my ex girl getting pregnant and becoming his everything” this tells us that Chance sees his daughter as a blessing from God unlike it also tells us that…

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