Save It For A Rainy Day Analysis

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Save It for a Rainy Day For both men and woman the aftermath of a break up can be very hard. After a break up most individuals often dwell on it and just want to be left alone. In the song “Save it for a Rainy Day” Andrew M. Dorff and Kenny Chesney convey a positive attitude about break ups. Dorff and Chesney demonstrate this positive attitude through tones that are ambitious, enthusiastic, and encouraging. If we exam “Save It for a Rainy Day” using setting, character, and repetition, we can demonstrate this positive attitude.
Setting is located in almost every song. “The setting is the environment in which a story or event takes place; setting can include specific information about time and place, or can simply be descriptive” (
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Instead of dwelling on the break up, he went out on his boat as demonstrated in the following lines “But today the tears isn’t aint hit the floor because the boats in the bay and its calling my name.” (5-6). This illustrates ambition by the character leaving his house, to relaxing out on the water. From simply being outside it can make a listener feel soothed. The transition from the setting being in the character house to being out on the water can be extremely powerful for many individuals. This is due to the fact that most individuals in this situation would be plagued by the break up. He or she has the choice of either being sad and lonely and avoid having a social life or he or she can choose to go out and enjoy whatever makes him or her feel at ease. The setting certainly seems realistic especially due to the situation included in the song. If the setting in the song was the character being in his house the whole song conveys could be totally different. The setting being out on the water shows the ambitious message clear as day. The setting in “Save it for a Rainy Day” fits perfectly. The mood the setting creates can be very joyful for the listener. This song is also full of character. Character is a person depicted in a story or novel. The general purpose of characters is to extend the plot. Every story must have at least one main character. These are the characters that will have the greatest effect …show more content…
He is trying to say that there is way more to life than dwelling on a break up. Between the first stanza of the song and the third, the character goes through a big change. He switches from being depressed at his house, to going out and enjoying a beautiful day with his friends. The repeating of this idea definitely gets the message through to the listener. In lines (19/22) the chorus is repeated again. The chorus is the catchiest part of the song. It is the part that gets stuck in most individuals head because of the constant repetition. The chorus is also the most important part due to the fact that it normally holds the main part of the songs meaning. One last time repetition shows up is in the last stanza. In lines (39/41) Chesney goes on and says “gonna take this heart break and tuck it away/ save it for a Rainy Day/ save it for a Rainy Day”. He puts this at the very end of the song because he wants it to be the last lyrics the listener hears. When Chesney says “save it for a rainy day” there is more than one purpose. The lyrics also lead to the idea that no individual is going to directly get over a break up. By repeating “save it for a rainy day” it creates a hopeful mood to the listener. It can teach an individual who has never been through a bad break up that he or she can get through it and it can affect that person later in his or her life. Depending on an

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