Song Analysis Of Meghan Trainor's Dear Future Husband

Analysis of Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” “Women realized that males were not the only group in our society who supported sexist thinking and behavior that females could be sexist as well” (hooks 1). Meghan Trainor has proved that she fits in this category through her music, specifically in her song “Dear Future Husband”. Through analyzing the lyrics and music video of “Dear Future Husband” it is evident that she does not hold a feminist point of view and has skewed opinions on how gender roles should operate. In this paper I will argue that Meghan Trainor’s song “Dear Future Husband” is antifeminist.
Immediately the title, “Dear Future Husband”, is the first thing to stick out. The title implies many stereotypical ideals. It gives
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Once she draws them in to listen, she states “Take me on a date, I deserve it, babe”. She is expressing how she feels that she should get whatever she wants. She is giving the impression that women deserve things without having anything to show for it. She goes on to say “Cause if you 'll treat me right, I 'll be the perfect wife”, which shows that she will only act in response to what a man does first. If the guy pleases her then she will be a pleasing wife in return, but this shows that the man has to be worthy and he has to work to win her. The song gives off the impression that women are easy and if they say no they don’t really mean it because through a few compliments you can get them to change their minds. This is a bad vibe to let off because it makes a women’s word worth nothing and it lets men override what a woman has to say and interpret it for themselves. In Thao’s article, Sins of Silence, it is stated that “Nod your head and say yes even if you don’t agree” (18). Although Trainor does not remain mum about her expectations, she does readily agree to give whatever the man wants if he fulfills her small standards first. Trainor is demonstrating a strong example of male acceptance. Everything that she does is dependent on how a male will react or respond which takes away from Trainor’s own thoughts and actions because we find her too preoccupied with what the males are thinking. Young women should not grow up thinking that the right thing to do is cave in to a mans wants and needs. They should also not grow up thinking “silence is power” (Thao 18). Women need to be heard if they have something to say, they need to speak up and stand for their rights as an individual. This also enforces the ideals that a man should listen to these ideals and obey a woman if she says no. Woman cannot say no and hope that a man will be persistent in trying to change

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