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Report No. 60155-BD

Introducing Energy-efficient Clean Technologies in the Brick Sector of Bangladesh
June, 2011

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Environment, Climate Change, and Water Resources Unit

South Asia Region

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Public Disclosure Authorized

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Currency Equivalents (Exchange rate effective April 1, 2011) Currency Unit = Bangladeshi Taka (Tk) US$1 = Tk.71

Fiscal Year July 1 – June 30

Vice-President: Country Director: Sector Director: Sector Manager: Task Team Leader:

Isabel M. Guerrero Ellen A. Goldstein John Henry Stein Herbert Acquay Maria Sarraf


This report was prepared by a team consisting of Maria Sarraf (Task Team Leader), Lelia Croitoru (Environmental Economist, Consultant), M. Khaliquzzaman (Sr. Environment Specialist, Consultant), Shakil A. Ferdausi (Sr. Environment Specialist) and Jie Li (Energy Specialist). The team would like to thank Dr. Nasiruddin (Joint Secretary), Swapan Biswas (Air Quality Consultant, CASE Project), and Shamim Hasan (Brick Consultant, CASE Project) of the Ministry of Environment and Forests for their input. The study team benefited from the vast knowledge provided by the Bangladesh Brick Manufacturers and Owners Association. Special thanks go to Messrs. Mizanur Rahman, Mohammed Ali Iftekhar, Mia Hossain, Moizuddin Ahmed, and Hassan Faisal for their cooperation and support during various field visits. The report draws on two studies completed by Development Alternatives (India) and Practical Action (Bangladesh) in the context of the Clean Air and Sustainable Environment Project (CASE Credit 4581-BD) and special mention goes to Dr. Soumen Maity and Mr. Iqbal Karim

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