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3rd State of the Nation Address

President Aquino delivered his third annual report to the nation, telling his “bosses” the people that significant changes have been achieved “because in unity nothing is impossible.”
In his State of the Nation Address (SONA), delivered in Filipino and which lasted for about one-and-a-half hours, the President also assured the people that the fight against corruption would ensure fair justice and prove that “there are no poor where there are no corrupt in government.”
He said the people should not just “forgive and forget” as he recited a list of gains achieved by his administration because of proper allocation of resources.
Aquino, who won on a platform of people power and volunteerism in 2010, also
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“Whenever I come face to face with a child who tells me, ‘Thank you for the paper, for the pencils, for the chance to study,’ I respond: You made this happen. Whenever I come face to face with an OFW who tells me, ‘Thank you, because I can once again dream of growing old in the Philippines,’ I respond: You made this happen,” he said.
“Whenever I come face to face with a Filipino who says, ‘Thank you, I thought that we would never have electricity in our sitio. I never imagined living to see the light,’ I respond: You made this happen. Whenever I come face to face with any farmer, teacher, pilot, engineer, driver, call center agent, or any normal Filipino; to every Juan and Juana dela Cruz who says, ‘Thank you for this change,’ I respond: You made this happen,” Aquino said.
The President gave these statements toward the end of his speech apparently to highlight the need for people’s continued support for the administration to sustain the momentum.
“I remember well those early days when we first started working. I was keenly aware of the heavy burden we would face. And I was among those who wondered: Is it possible to fix a system this broken?” he asked.
“This is what I have learned in the 25 months I have served as your president: Nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible, because if the Filipino people see that they are the only bosses of their

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