Someone To Love Me Character Analysis

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With Someone to Love Me, one was pulled towards Cindy Gibson, Jamee Wills, and Lori Gibson. Cindy Gibson is the main character. She’s a Bluford High student that endures many challenges and works to find solutions to her problems. She is experiencing the changes of gaining attention and not being loved. Jamee Wills is a Bluford High student as well. This madam also faces many challenges because she is recovering from a nasty relationship and a mysterious runaway. Lori Gibson, the main character’s mother, encounters an abundance of difficulty because she cannot tell the truth apart from the dishonesty or the right from the wrong. The book conveys that Cindy was facing difficulty at home and school. She misses an ample amount of school days, so oneself barely knows what happens at school. Her mom doesn’t stay around long enough to check on her daughter, so Cindy doesn’t feel the nurture and love that she needs. As you reach into the depths of the book, you begin to realize that Cindy is trying to get love and support from the wrong people. Cindy starts to feel that she is not …show more content…
However, she recently went through a feeling of hurt, shame, sadness, and she went astray. What Cindy went through is like what Jamee went through. On the other hand, they are very different. Cindy got a taste of what Bobby Wallace could do. Jamee was thinking the exact way Cindy had. Bobby fixed Jamee with the wrong crowd, and she began to do drugs and smoke. Eventually, Jamee learned her lesson because Bobby had used her to get what he wanted. He wanted a victim. Bobby bruised her wrists, hands, and neck. Additionally, he punched her in the face. This sparked Jamee into action. She learned not to let someone change her or her attitude. After this period, Jamee ran away, but she was eventually found by her family. She learned that if she had problems, she could talk to someone she

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