Some People Think High School Students Should Take a Year to Work or Travel Before Going at University

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Some people think high school students should take a year to work or travel before going at university.
Some people believe that students should work or travel for a year before going at university,in my opinion I totally agree. Experiencing the world of work expands the mind. The experience will help us to see how the various aspects of college education relate to each other and to life outside of college. The richness of experience will powerfully inform your academic work.
First I`ll talk about advantages and disadnvantages of one year working or travelling before going at university.There are a lot of advantages,but also there are some disadvantages.I think that we should work a certain period before going at university,because we`ll
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A year of traveling would not only benefit the students by helping them developing their personal skills but would also help them improving their language skills. Students that do not speak the language of the country they are traveling to so well, would practice it and expand their treasury of words since they would spend a lot of time there and they would have to communicate in order to handle the necessities of every day life like for example shopping. Therefore they would improve their language skills and this could be very expedient for their further studies.
Spending a year abroad brings along a good opportunity to meet other people and make new friends. Students would get to know people from different cultures, hence they would learn many interesting things about the culture of the country they have traveled to. If students traveled to a less developed country, they could be more aware of the differences between the respective country and their home country and would therefore appreciate what they have at home.
Even though there are many positive aspects concerning spending a year in a foreign country after finishing school, there also are some negative points that I want to clarify. Some

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