Some Men Try For Use Their Intelligence For Impress Women 's ' I 'm Intelligent ' Game '

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Some men try to use their intelligence to impress women. The 'I 'm Intelligent ' game is something that a lot of men rely on when attracting a potential mate. Even though this type of game makes some men look weak when they 're trying too hard to deliver it, it is something that you need to watch out for. You want an intelligent man because he is the type of quality of Mr. Right. But when you 're dealing with a guy who is pushing his intelligence to feel superior over you then this is a problem. You may need togain as much knowledge about him as you can, make a determination and then discard him immediately. Everyone in the world thinks they’re intelligent and one of the most classic ways a loser may use his intelligence is using facts and numbers to justify his beliefs and actions. You may hear him say something to the effect of "the city of Washington, DC has the highest AIDS rates of all the United States. AIDS is affecting an x amount of people per year", etc. The idea is that he wants you to have sex with him to avoid contracting AIDS from other men. He 's speaking in code words. When a man is using intelligence that for that reason, charge him to the game and let him go. This is a loser who is trying to use his 'I 'm intelligent ' tactics to manipulate you into bed.

Even though Mr. Right will be an intelligent man, of course, he wouldn 't work that hard to impres you. He will just be intelligent naturally. Women have a sixth sense, so to speak, so normally, you can…

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