Solving The Integration Process ( International Rescue Committee, 2016 )

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The United States receives 85,000 refugees annually and many law enforcement agencies do not know how to begin the assimilation process (International Rescue Committee, 2016). One of the most challenging task for today’s law enforcement is integrating refugees with the western culture. Law enforcement agencies are faced with challenging and complex issues that demands tailored solutions. There are multiple barriers that must be overcome when dealing with refugee communities; for example, languages, cultures, religion, values, and habits. The complexity of these issues demands a hybrid solution. Although, the standard community policing philosophy principles set the foundation for community outreach, a more tangible solution must be sought. The idea is not to implement community policing as a strategy that encompasses the broad spectrum, but by individualizing each community, everyone will receive personalized services that meet their needs. In order to get to the root cause, the broad spectrum of the community must be individualized into smaller group, forming communities within a community. This is community policing in the 21st century.
Community Policing Defined
Community Oriented Policing Services
Community policing in its purest form is community partnership. However, it requires three elements working cohesively together to reach the goal of community policing. They are: the community, police organization, and problem solving. According to the Department of…

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