Solving The Graph It That People With Nine Years Of Unemployment

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In the graph it states that people with nine years of unemployment there is about a fifty present chance that they will be re-employed. Suelem began to work at the age of seven, so her years of schooling would be significantly lower than nine. With that in mind she has less than a fifty present possibility of finding another job. Suelem has a low income job, and a small chance at finding another job with higher wages, causing her to lose hope on finding a job because of how difficult it will be. After she loses hope she will be stuck living in poverty, and unable to reach her full potential.
As Suelem grow up in poverty she must take on more responsibility then a young child should at her age. Without noticing, Suelem tells the audience that she is more mature then the average person age. When she is standing outside her house, Suelem says “Rent is US$8 per week. If you are late and pay on Monday it’s US$13.” Though this seems as just a fact about how much she pays rent, it is much more. When she says this she seems very comfortable with the fact that she has to pay rent. This is shown in the way she says it, she uses a soft spoken tone and makes no major facial expressions. Due to the way she says this, and her facial expressions it is noticeable that she has knowledge about the rent she has to pay, and that she has been doing this for a while. When a young child begins to take on responsibility it can affect the way they grow. Suelem had no choice about renting this…

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