Solving The Current Us Unemployment Rates Essays

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A high unemployment rate has been one of the problems faced. Given the fact that there was a record of an increase in the rate of unemployment by 4.9% in July 2016, it can be said that it is of high importance to find ways through which unemployment can be put in check in the US. This paper discusses how to fix the current US unemployment rates.
One of the ways through which unemployment rates in the US can be reduced is through expansive monetary policy. The Federal Reserve has the power that can effectively lower interest rates in the country so as to allow the unemployed population to borrow cheaply. Demand can be stimulated so that the economy would once again need and have the capability of acquiring increased human power through this way. Businesses will also have the opportunities to borrow for less, meaning that they will be in a position to increase their volume of production as a result of the increase in demand. At such a point, they evidently need more labor, thus contributing to the decrease in unemployment rates in the country.
The US should also consider encouraging tourists to visit the country. Many countries have been observed to encourage tourists to visit while the US has been doing the opposite for security purposes. If they let more tourists visit the country, the government will be able to earn more revenue that they can use in curbing the increase in unemployment in the country. Furthermore, it should be noted that an increased number of tourists…

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