Solving The College Tuition Crisis Essay

1414 Words Oct 24th, 2016 6 Pages
Solving the College Tuition Crisis Once viewed as “unnecessary” and “reserved for the wealthy,” a college degree in today’s society is now regarded as a basic requirement for the majority of well-paying jobs. Due to the increase in employers’ desire to hire highly skilled workers, more high school graduates are choosing to pursue a higher education. As the demand for college continues to rise, so does the price of attending. According to the College Board, tuition at a 4-year public university has increased by approximately 294.22% over the period of 1975-76 to 2015-16. Some of the driving forces behind these tuition hikes include: decreases in state funding, expansions in university administration, large construction projects, and additions of various lucrative amenities used to stay competitive amongst universities in the area. Because these increases in tuition are becoming problematic for those that seek a degree, scholars have proposed various solutions in order to fix the issue. Based on the evaluation of multiple sources, the solution to the problem of increasing college tuition must be financially, politically, and socially acceptable. In order to properly solve the issue of growing college tuition, a solution must be financially feasible and affordable to all. The biggest component behind the problem of college tuition hikes is money, or lack thereof. If finance is not considered when constructing a solution to this problem, nothing will be changed or solved.…

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