Solving Problems In The Story 'Norma' By Sonia Sanchez Sonia

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In the story “Norma” by Sonia Sanchez Sonia gives her perspective of a girl named Norma. As a teenager, Sonia was very shy. During math class in George Washington High School, she asked how to factor the equation, so she could do her homework. While the teacher pointed a the textbooks the “pipsqueaks” called out Norma to help her factor the problem. Then Norma walked up to the board. Sonia always have looked up to her, she was the genius, unlike the others the understood the problem. Then Norma helped her solve the equation by using easy notes to let her understand the problem. There was also another genius named Lewis, they talked about math. Sometimes they would smile at each other. One day in French class, Sonia’s favorite, Norma called

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