Osmosis Concentration Lab

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Different Concentrations of Saline Solutions Impacting The Mass of The Baggies

Research Question: Will the different concentrations of the saline solutions impact the mass of the baggies due to the effect of osmosis.

Independent Variable: The concentration of saline in each solution.

Dependent Variable: The mass of the baggies(g)

What needs to be controlled:
The type of solution in bags.
The amount of solution in cups
The amount of time the baggies were left in the solution
Amount of air within the baggies
Temperature of the baggies were fairly similar.
The type of solution in the bags
Type of baggies
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Since all the baggies have a lower osmotic pressure than the physiology human solution, the particles have diffused through the bag and into the cup. This proves that the process of osmosis has happened.

In conclusion different concentrations of saline solutions do affect the mass of the baggies due to the effect of osmosis. This also means that what has happened is is the diffusion of molecules from a lower concentration, to a solution of higher concentration. The lower concentration being the baggies. The higher concentration solution being the physiology human solution. Therefore, the research question presented on this lab report is correct.

Error Analysis:
Error made
How did error impact experiment and data
How can the error be eliminated or improved
Measured mass of bag without drying them.
Gave more mass to the baggies, therefore making data inaccurate.
Dry bags before weighing them.
Put baggies inside physiology human solution at different times.
Gave an unfair experiment, as some bags had more or less time than others. Which could affect the data table
Make sure to put in all bags at the same time.

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