Solution To Quit Smoking

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The struggle to find an effective method to quit smoking has affected people for a number of years. As the effects of cigarettes became more sever people used many different replacements for the nicotine additive in cigarettes. Nicotine is a stimulant, and also a highly addictive quality of tobacco. When smoking a cigarette you burn the tobacco to release the nicotine, but in this process you also release “tar”. Tar is the collection of carcinogens (cancer causing agents) that you inhale with a puff of a cigarette. The National Cancer Institute stated that out of the ninety percent of deaths caused by lung cancer, eighty percent were smokers. That is why the urge to find a substitution for smoking is at an all-time high. In 2007 electronic …show more content…
Dr Goniewicz found that the trace amounts of toxins found in the vapor were nine to four-hundred and fifty. There are different components that make of the E-liquid. Depending on the company or even country they come from the liquid could contain higher levers of toxins. Each brand of liquid has a different back ground. The method of abstracting the nicotine from tobacco is being changed and developed each day. But there are still some companies that want a quicker and cheaper result, for this some may use arsenic. Methods of extracting nicotine and finding different elements that are safe to vape are the main concerns of most …show more content…
BMC Public Health did a six month case piolet study on the effectiveness of E-cigs. The study composed of heathy smokers wishing to quit in the next 30 days. The participants in the study were required visits in intervals for the next six month to record satisfaction and helpfulness. At the end of the study there were four outcomes, reducers, heavy reducers, quitters and failures. The overall study outcome was a 70%-75% reduction in cigarettes per day. In comparison to the nicotine patch, inhaler, or gum, the E-cigarettes effectiveness is close or even better. The most stated benefit of the E-cigarette is the more comfortable transition from smoking. The use of an E-cig compares to the routine of smoking a cigarette, by keeping your hands and moth busy, the person quitting is less likely to pick up a cigarette.
Electronic cigarettes are on the rise, each year more people devote themselves to quitting smoking and more and more people have chosen e-cigs. The race to find a clean, pure and effective method for e-cigs will continue. Until then there will be plenty of people against is and many for it. The cessation of smoking through electronic cigarettes is comparable to other methods and much more

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