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The External and Internal

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1 Describe how environmental forces influence organizations and how organizations can influence their environments.
2 Distinguish between the
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Send outputs back into the environment

B. External Environment Influences

1. When resources change, environment influences the organization
2. When outputs differ, organization influences the environment
3. The organization operates in a competitive environment.

I. The Macroenvironment

1. Macroenvironment is defined by the most general elements in the external environment that can potentially influence strategic decisions
A. The Economy (Figure 2.3)
a. The economic environment dramatically affects companies’ ability to function effectively and influences their strategic choices.
b. Interest and inflation rates affect the availability and cost of capital, the ability to expand, prices, costs, and consumer demand for products.
c. Unemployment rates affect labor availability and the wages the firm must pass, as well as product demand.

B. Technology
a. Technological advances create new products. As technology evolves, new industries, markets, and competitive niches develop.
b. New technologies provide new production techniques. Sophisticated robots perform jobs without suffering fatigue.
c. New technologies also provide new ways to manage and communicate. Computerized management information systems (MIS) make information available when needed.

C. Laws and Regulations

1. U.S. government policies both impose strategic constraints and provide opportunities.

2. Government can affect business opportunities through tax laws,

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