Essay about Solution Focused Therapy And Rational Emotive Therapy

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In the three introductory sessions that took place with my client Jean, I practiced Solution-Focused Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, and Humanistic Therapy. In this paper I would like to compare and contrast Solution-Focused Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy as the primary techniques used in the introductory therapy sessions with my client. I have enjoyed practicing all three types of therapy in my three sessions with Jean, but felt that these two were the most prominent to reflect upon in this paper. Through our Introduction to Counseling class and our textbook readings I have learned numerous aspects about the various schools of therapy. I have enjoyed watching Solution-Focused Therapy and Rational Emotive into action throughout our sessions. In our Introduction to Counseling class I learned that Solution-Focused Therapy focuses on the solution rather than the problem. There is a process of change rather than a cure in this therapy. This therapy also focuses on the future rather than the past. Focusing on the future is helpful in getting the client’s mind off of the problem and assists them in working towards the solution. Focusing on the client’s strengths rather than their weaknesses is essential for the counselor to incorporate in the counseling sessions with the clients. In Solution-Focused Therapy there is a paradigm shift, in which there is a discovery of exceptions to their problems.
We also learned about Brief Solution Therapy in class. In this…

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