Solution Focused Brief Therapy ( Sfbt ) Essay

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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) focuses on the future and looks for solutions and goals of the client instead of the problem. SFBT is a future-oriented therapy. SFBT was developed in the late 1970s by two social workers. SFBT evolved from Brief Family Therapy, where the founders worked. This research will cover the history, development, Basics and Methods of the Model when it’s appropriate to use the model when is not appropriate to use the model, the relationship with other models, applications for social work practice, and the connection to NASW code of ethics.
SFBT focus on the solutions rather than the problem. SFBT is a time-limited therapy with approximately five sessions. SFBT wants the client to identify their goals, hopes, and most importantly their solutions to their problems (Franklin, 2015). On the approach, the past is kept at the minimum of the therapy and mainly focus on the future. SFBT is a goal-directed approach who wants the client to identify exceptions, goals, and scales (Stalker, Levene, & Coady, 1999). Exceptions are the time where the problem does not exist, solutions are what will happen when the problem is gone, and scales is to measure the client’s level of progress. (Stalker et al., 1999). SBT has miracle question to ask the clients: “How will you Know that the problem has been solved?” “What will be different when the problem is solved?” “How will others know that the problem is solved?” (Stalker et al.,…

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