Solution Focused Brief Therapy ( Sfbt ) Essay

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According to Corey, Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is a future- focused, goal-oriented therapeutic approach to brief therapy developed. SFBT emphasizes strengths and resiliencies of people by focusing on exceptions to their problems and their conceptualized solutions. According to the video, Solution focus is into building solutions and problem solving. Solution building main focus is in finding future focus. Therapists sometimes not know the posture to take because they are not the expertise the clients are the expertise to their own problems. Solution focused on making change and looking forward to the future, so the therapist Utilizes pre-therapy change that discuss what the couple has done since the session and did any new problems occur. Exception questions that take the client back in time to where they can remember the good times. Miracle questions that leads to a fresh start and forget about not having a problem and bring out the good in their relationship. Scaling questions that lead to where the clients see their problem having a solution or whether they would spark up more problems. The questions are utilize to help the clients focus on solutions and draw their own resources to solve problems and acknowledge how the clients can make a change in their busy schedule.
I found that the counseling session was unique, tense at first but very calming towards the middle of the session. Some of the techniques were very useful especially the miracle question. With…

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