Solution Focused Brief Therapy Model Essay

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Another form of helping teenagers who are dealing with coming out as a gay or lesbian is focusing on the solution rather than the problem based on the strengths perspectives. “Building on a strengths perspective and using a time-limited approach, solution-focused brief therapy is a treatment model in social work practice that holds a person accountable for solutions rather than responsible for problems. Solution-focused brief therapy deliberately utilizes the language and symbols of “solution and strengths” in treatment and postulates that positive and long-lasting change can occur in a relatively brief period of time by focusing on the solution-building process instead of focusing on the problems. Currently, this practice model has been adopted in diverse social work practice settings with different client populations, which could be partly accounted by the fact that the assumptions and practice orientation of solution-focused brief therapy are consistent with social work values as well as the strengths-based and empowerment-based practice in social work treatment” (Lee, 2013). One of the most important and specific helping actions to take in working with teenagers who are dealing with coming out as a gay or lesbian individual is to set up a support system that has the ability to change its techniques over the course of their life review. By providing a support system teens will have the opportunity to have a safe zone to go to when in need. “Despite these…

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