Cause Of Depression In Teens

Of the entire teenage population of the United States of America, one in eight are going through life with the added barrier of facing depression (PRNewswire Para 1). Antidepressants are being prescribed to teens all over the world each and every single day (PR Newswire Para 1). Depression is a growing problem throughout the world today. Each day gets worse and worse for some teens. There is more depression experienced for teens than there was ten years ago (Age Para 1). Even though there are many causes for depression in teens today, and it is said to be one of the most prevalent and growing issues in society, there are many ways to prevent it. The causes of depression vary from teen to teen. There are several different issues that could cause a teen to become depressed. Cyberbullying is a huge reason that depression comes about. There was a study done that reported 23% of teens claiming that they had been a victim of a cyberbullying incident. Attempted suicide is a common thing in teens who had been victims of a cyberbully (Ring Para 6). Another …show more content…
It is continuously getting worse and worse as time goes on. Teen depression is a big issue in today’s society and there is a lot of various reasons for that. There are ways to end it, ways to prevent, and reasons for it ever happening. Having depression is such a huge weight for teens to have on their shoulders when they have enough to deal with as it is. Being a teenager is a stressful thing and being depressed makes that even worse and is just another added barrier. Teenagers are going through this all of the time. It is such a huge problem and makes everything harder. Teens should not have to deal with something so hard at such a young and vulnerable age. When a teen is depressed, for any reason, there is always something that causes this to happen, even though there are ways that it can be prevented, it is said to be one of the biggest issues in our society

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