Solomon Northup: A Slave

As the writer gathers his thought to fill the paper of his joy of freedom and agony of twelve years of slavery with the lifeless ink dripping from his pen. His thoughts travel to a past, past filled with promises of liberty and freedom to peruse his dreams. Later became a person of agony, family less and striped of his freedom to serve as slave known as Solomon Northup. Solomon Northup, born in a family of slave in July of 1808 in the town of Minerva, Essex county, New York, which became free at the death of his master Henry B. Northup of Sandy Hill. His father Mintus Northup freedom gave him a chance to gain knowledge of education, right to vote and live civic life as a free man. Overwhelmed memory of his father’s kindness reminds him the teaching of being humble as his father was humble and full of warm feelings, even …show more content…
He feels proud as friends near and far praises him for his greatness of music and his wife’s culinary expertise. (7) Solomon Northup moves to his final destination to Saratoga Spring in March of 1834 in Washington. Completing his work as a hack driver for Isaac Taylor, Solomon Northup and his wife Anne worked as seasonal employee. He also preformed hard work at the Saratoga railroad constructions. As he worked in town he met with slaves who traveled with their masters. Society sees them well dressed, well-fed and good health but their eyes are deep with sorrow and their harts are heavy with hope of freedom. As he looked at them his pride of free man hid their misery and pain of slavery from his eyes. (9) Until, on crisp morning while he walked around the Saratoga Street in search of employment in 1841, was approached by two mans named Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton. Not knowing there true intentions and need of work, Solomon Northup agreed accompany them to play violin for them in order to get one dollar a day for services and three dollars

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