Essay on Solomon Northup : From Twelve Years A Slave

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Solomon Northup: From Twelve Years a Slave Solomon Northup was a man from New York, born in 1808. Solomon was born as a free man on his parents farm in the Adirondack Mountains. His father, Mintus, was a very successful and well known man in Fort Edwards, New York. Not only did he send Northup to school, but he also taught him how to be a skillful farmer. Years later, Northup married Anne Hampton, with whom they had three children and moved to Saratoga. He supported his family by farming, carpeting, driving hacks, and musician events. In 1841, Northup met two white men named Brown and Hamilton who were circus performances. Needing the extra income for his family, Brown and Hamilton convinced Northup to leave New York to Washington, D.C for business. Unknowingly, Northup made the biggest make of his life trusting these two white men, which led to the story of Twelves Years A Slave. Solomon Northup was an extraordinarny man. He was an intelligent and skilled man, loved and appreciated by most. He worked hard with a humble spirit noticeable to others. Not everyone was very fund of his success and freedom. While arriving among Washington D.C with the two white men and having an afternoon of festivities and drinking, Solomon found himself drugged and incarcerated. In the beginning of his narrative, he goes into deep detail of being chained in a dark place in vain. He yelled out, but the sound of his voice scared him not understanding why he was being held in captivity. He…

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