Solomon Northup : An American Abolitionist Essay

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Solomon Northup was an American Abolitionist who was born July 1808 In Minerva, New York, and the primary author of the memoir “Twelve Years A Slave”and also was a farmer.. A free-born African American man from New York, he was a son of a freed slave and free woman of color. Northup was a professional violinist, and had been a landowner in Hebron New York. Solomon’s father had also been enslaved once but was released upon his former master 's death. Solomon and his brother grew up knowing freedom instead Solomon took to the books and was very educated. Solomon went on to marry on Christmas Day in 1829 to Anne Hampton a woman of multi racial descent and the two went on to have three children Elizabeth, Margaret, and Alonzo. Solomon and Anne both established a farm in 1832 in Kingsbury, with Northup’s reputation in the community as the most excellent fiddlers. As well as his wife also able to earn income for her in-demand cooking skills and moved to Saratoga in 1834 where Northup worked at many jobs among other jobs. Northup and his family was living an well of life enjoying the blessing of liberty in a free state and then having that come to a sudden end. As Solomon lived a good life he was approached by two men Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton who offered him a job at a circus show as a traveling musical performer that he would receive generous wages. They all traveled from Saratoga Springs to the nation 's capital, Washington D.C. to perform. On there way to Washington…

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