Solitude And The Thought Of Being Alone Essay

715 Words Oct 28th, 2016 3 Pages
Solitude and the thought of being alone are starting to become obsolete in our world. The increasing use of technology has made people so reliant on their phones that they cannot imagine a life without them. Technology is taking away our privacy by keeping us constantly connected to one another, this constant connectivity has created a fear inside of us. The fear of being isolated from the outside and being alone. During the romantic era, people practiced solitude by following Trilling’s belief “that the self is validated by a congruity of public appearance and private essence” (Deresiewicz 3). The soul needs friends so it can express its feelings but the soul also needs to be alone. People need to have a balance of socialization and solitude. Socializing helps the soul to share its thoughts and feelings with other people. If the soul keeps depressing emotions or thoughts bottled up inside it will eventually explode causing destruction to itself and others around them. Solitude helps the soul discover who its true self is by being alone with its thoughts, going to the dark places of the mind. Romantics used literacy to find oneself, they were also literal with themselves and the people around them. During the 20th century modernism used the ideas of romanticism with the developments of cities. People living in the cities have this feeling that the city is inescapable. Modernist believe that solitude is a journey through one’s thoughts to find its self discovery.…

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