Essay about Solitary Life : Solitary Nation

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After watching the film, Solitary Nation, so many thoughts and questions were running on the back of my mind. I personally thought that being locked up in a room for twenty-three hours a day for months is physically and mentally unhealthy for any human being. Each inmate that was held in the solitary confinement showed a sign of being mental ill after been there for a couple of weeks. A particular inmate that I closely observed was Adam, the inmate who thought that he was going to successfully complete his time and be out after serving his time. At first he mentioned that being locked up in a room for twenty-three hours was going to allow him to read, workout, write, and have some quiet time to himself to think. After a couple of weeks, he found out that being in solitary confinement was not as glamorous as he had first imagined. He kept mentioning that he wanted to get his GED to be able to get a decent job once he was released. At first his request was denied. After watching how his fellow inmates were cutting their veins, he was persuaded on committing the same action. That was something he had never imagined doing before he was sent to solitary confinement. Another inmate’s mental health that I kept focused on was of Todd Ficket. He was sentenced to serve six months in solitary confinement and he said from the start that his mental state was going to go down. Facilities like solitary confinement does a lot of damage to the individuals’ mental state. I felt…

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