Soldier's Heart Character Analysis

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Soldier’s Heart Essay~ Gary Paulsen

Is Life in the army what Charley expected?

No it wasn’t what Charley expected. Nobody thought it Would be so bad. All of the politicians and newspapers said it would be a month or two, no longer than that. They said it would be over by the fall.So, Charley thought why not? Charley joined the volunteer army at 15, And came out at 23.

He enlisted in the Union Army during the civil war, saying it will be more exciting than a circus. Although he has never actually been to a circus. Charley leaves his mother and brother in Minnesota, for the war to take his father's position in providing for his family. Charley lies about his age to Join the ‘Shooting War’. He thinks it will
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Charley and the others search and plead for food at local farms, and soon build log houses, but many of the men get diseases and die in the camp. Charley gets a disease called Dysentery, but recovers.

Charley goes into another battle this time against The Confederate Army. They win. But with the loss of many. One was a man named Nelson who he became friends hours before, but got shot in the stomach, knowing that the doctors couldn't tend to his wound he shot himself with his rifle.

Soon charley participated in the battle of GettysBurg. A lot of the Confederate soldiers were killed at they attacked, But some get close. Charley Is knocked out by enemy blows. He saw a red veil and thought he was going to die.

And lastly the story skipped a few years in Charley’s life until the age of 21. He said the violent killing numbed him meaning he was traumatized of the war, He wanted to commit suicide but did not do so because he wanted to marry and have children, That didn’t as planned either. Unfortunately After the war was over he went back, and ran for county clerk. He was elected, but before he could even serve, his wounds and the stress took him and he died in December 1868, Having a Soldier's Heart.

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