Soldier 's Home By Ernest Hemingway Essay

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After reading the short story, Soldier’s Home written by Ernest Hemingway it provoked me to wonder why Krebs was so distant and harbored no love for his mother. Krebs like many others who have served in a war became numb to life because of all that he saw in World War I. These types of situations can leave many men feeling lost, helpless and lonely. As a result, they become withdrawn and feel as though no one understands them anymore. They only want to return to what they remember as being, normal but for some strange reason they can’t seem to connect to the world they once knew. I would like to know who the man within is after returning from war.

Individuals’ ideas about serving in the war varied but some had similar interest although they came from different walks of life. Most soldiers fought out of loyalty to their families and to their country. Some believed that the Many believed that the war would be over quickly so they signed up expecting to be back home in just a short couple of months. Many British volunteers saw the German threat as very real. Belgian soldiers were fighting for their homeland and France felt that if they did not represent on the frontline they might face a repeat of the German invasion of 1870. Others saw the war as a way to help their families by way of a regular stipend, so they signed up to serve.

Demise was a consistent friend to those serving on the line, although no assault or assault was propelled or protected against. In…

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