Solaris Operating System Essay

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Solaris operating system, developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) provides scalable processor architecture based processors for Intel processors and their own family of processors. Historically, Sun was dominated by large UNIX workstation market. But as the internet evolved over the past decade, Sun’s Solaris system servers have been widely used for the websites.
Java was developed by Sun Microsystems. It has helped enterprises reduce cost and complexity of the applications since 1990s. Java applications are dependent on the characteristics and features of operating systems that support JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Solaris is a reliable and rich enterprise operating system available in the market. It is evolving with close partnership of development teams and the Java community. Many features and capabilities are specifically designed to make Solaris the best available operating system for Java based applications. This report focuses on Solaris 8 operating system and discusses the performance, security, and hardware compatibility with user experience. There are four main pillars that make up the Solaris 8 operating system platform providing predictability and agility. These pillars are product, architecture, services, and community. The features provided by the operating system form
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This ensures the protection of data that integrates security into monitoring frameworks. Solaris 8 operating system contains IP security architecture that provides protection for IF datagrams, thus maintaining the confidentiality of the system. This architecture protects the system against IP spoofing. To ensure security during login, the Solaris 8 software uses smart card support for user authentication. Smart card support uses a basic public key infrastructure for managing user accesses. Solaris 8 supports centralized administration for user audit events to make the process

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