Solar Thermal And Geothermal Energy Essay

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Applications of solar thermal and geothermal energies are integrated with the purpose of utilizing renewable resources in low-carbon, energy saving manners. Geothermal and solar thermal energies are both clean, renewable energies with a huge amount of resources that are viewed as sustainable sources of energy storage [4]. Solar thermal energy is recognized as one of the best long-term options for heating and cooling energy supply. It has benefits such as it always helps to reduce primary energy consumption, it can be used as a hybrid with almost all kinds of back-up heat sources, and could be nearly everywhere with some limitations at very high latitudes. Thermal energy is a plentiful energy resource, which can be harnessed and stored as geothermal energy in a variety of forms [3]. Geothermal energy is recognized as a renewable energy source of energy, as it is obtained and supplied at a relatively constant rate from the interior of the lithosphere. Due to its global accessibility, renewable nature, low impact on the environment, and independence from meteorological conditions, geothermal energy is rising in popularity. Other forms of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and tidal energy, are at a disadvantage given that they are dependent on meteorological conditions [4]. The energy harnessed from geothermal resources can be utilized in various manners including providing power generation, heating and cooling through indirect applications, and heating and cooling…

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