Solar Roadways Essay

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Imagine a world with safer roads. A world where the roads would warn you of dangers with LED lights, have heaters to melt snow, generate electricity, and overall benefit the economy. Scott Brusaw, an electrical engineer, and his wife, Julie Brusaw, a counselor, are the Co-Inventors of Solar Roadways. Solar roadways are a series of structurally engineered solar panels that can be driven on, which would replace asphalt roads. Solar Roadways would collect energy and then distribute it to our homes and businesses in order to replace the need for fossil fuels and better the economy.

This past February, four students at North Dakota State University were killed in a car crash during a snowstorm. They were driving back from Minneapolis,
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Because they will be solar-powered, Solar Roadways will also give energy to surrounding areas such as hospitals, houses, schools, businesses, etc. This will allow for minimization of the use of fossil fuels, which will benefit the economy financially as well as physically.

“Solar roads will produce clean power, enabling the decommissioning of existing power plants and power lines. The system would eliminate need for new fossil-fuel power plants, nuclear facilities, massive desert solar and wind projects, and power lines. No more dependence on fossil fuels for transportation or electricity production in any region that adopts the technology. A solar roadway system will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, too, that contribute to global warming. It would also reduce air pollution, saving American on health costs for disease such as asthma and lung cancer.
(Raftery, Miriam. "ROAD TO EVERYWHERE: SOLAR ROADWAYS." East County Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. .)

“It is a revolutionary way of finding solutions to the petroleum based asphalt roads, and the use of fossil

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