Essay on Solar Power Pump

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A solar powered pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photo voltaic. Unlike a normal pump, solar power pump being powered by the renewable electricity generated from the sun. Basically, a solar power pump consists of 4 parts which is the actual fluid pump, the controller, the engine which usually powered by electric motor and the energy source being powered by the sun. Dr. Mohd. Azree named this project as solar power pump and being assigned to all group leader of the class. The main objective of this project is to select a solar power pump by identifying whether the existing of pump is really ideal or need to be replaced. Actually, there is already had existing solar power pump build at BH building and in order
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Hazim and Shankar

Objective 1. To select a solar power pump by using characteristics of selecting pump. 2. To validate the existing solar powered pump system that is installed at BH building, UNITEN.

System Specifications
1) Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline Power: 240V Voltage: 12V
2) Charge Controller Max. Module (Solar Panel) Current: 20A Max. Load Current: 20A System Voltage: 12V
3) Battery Type: Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Capacity: 40 Ah Voltage:12 V
4) Water Pump Power: 50W Flow Output: 13.2 LPM (3.5GPM) Head: 3m (10ft) in - line pump to increase height
5) Water Tank Type: Polycarbonate Capacity: 100Gallon
6) Piping and Fittings Type: PVC Diameter: ½ in

Photo of the system

Figure 1: Piping and Fittings
Diameter: ½ in

Figure 2: Water Pump
Flow Output: 13.2LPM (3.5GPM)
Head 3m (10ft) in-line pump to increase height

Figure 3: Full view of the system

Figure 4: Regulator

Too Shaw Siong and Komagen

Figure 5: Water Tank
Type: Polycarbonate
Capacity: 100 gallon

Figure 6: The piping of the water tank.

Circuit Diagram

Sketch Of the Charge Control (Circuit Diagram)

Figure 7: Charge Control Circuit Diagram

Mechanical Diagram
Sketch Of the Pipe Flow (Mechanical Diagram)

Figure 8: Pipe Flow from Pump to Water Tank with Dimension


Selection of Centrifugal Pump 1. Know the flow rate, Q (m3/s). 2. Determine the static

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