Solar Power Disadvantages

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The heat of the sun is about equivalent to burning a billion trillion tons of coal an hour. Even though only a small fraction of that heat ever reaches the earth it is still more then enough to power the whole world.

People seemed to realize the importance of the sun around 30,000 BC. This was when people first started planting crops of wheat. They realized plants did better when planted in the sun over the shade. This caused them to worship the sun as a God. Many cultures built large and extravagant temples to worship the sun in. Other cultures built places to observe the sun in, such as Stonehenge in England.

Different Types of Solar Panels
There are three main types of solar panels. They are flat plate collectors, focusing collectors,
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Solar power will be given more federal funding which will increase studies. The increased studies will make solar power cheaper and more efficient. This will make solar power more available on the market.

I think that solar power is a good alternative energy source. It has many advantages over fossil fuels. One is that the sun is free and does not have to be bought like other fuels. It also doesn’t hurt the environment and it is a renewable energy source. There are a few drawbacks to solar power. One is that it can be expensive to make and can be hard to use on cloudy days. Solar power is also difficult and expensive to store. Another bad thing is that silicon the material that solar cells are made of can be hard to find.

If there is another energy crisis like the United States experienced in the 1970’s, solar power will be greatly increased. Federal funding will be increased to promote the studies of solar power. This will make solar power more efficient which will cause it to become cheaper.

After the last energy crisis, most federal funding was decreased or stopped. This is very unfortunate because solar power would be far more advanced with more

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