Essay about Solar Power And Solar Energy

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Solar Energy has been in use for the last one hundred years and through its existence, it has been a technology that has been constantly and consistently updated to maximize its usage. In the present day, where the want to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels is greater than ever, solar power is becoming a more attractive alternative for people all over the world. While solar power is only responsible for a small amount of the energy created in the United States, it has been on the rise in other countries as a means to reduce spending and to be able to provide third world countries with needed electricity. Engineers are currently working on new ways to help the growth of solar energy, make it more efficient, cost effective, and attractive to new potential users. Electrical engineers have one of the most important parts in the growth of this technology because of their education and background in electrical power. They are tasked with developing the current systems used in the solar field, as well as improving on these systems and managing the power that is generated by the solar arrays. Frank Shuman, the inventor of the solar power, pioneered the solar engine in 1897 when he reflected sunlight onto one-foot square boxes, filled with ether, which boiled and whose steam turned a toy steam engine. This first engine stayed on display at Mr. Shuman’s house, in a suburb of Philadelphia, and worked for over two years. Mr. Shuman then went on to get a patent for a 2.2 Kilowatt…

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