Solar Panels Are The Future Of Energy Essay

1007 Words Dec 11th, 2014 5 Pages
Solar panels are the future of energy. Fossil fuels are in limited supply and until now, it was thought nothing could replace them. Our only hope for future energy relies on a renewable energy source that is both reliable and cheap. For the answer we look to photovoltaic energy (energy from the sun). One of the chief producers of photovoltaic energy is the solar panel. Each new generation of solar panels produces more energy cheaper than the previous making it a viable solution to energy problems in poor rural areas as well. Solar panel’s low cost and reliability enable those living outside major urban areas of a developing country to still have a bright light when it gets dark or when the power grid goes down. Its technical features reinforce the vision of solar panel’s use as an ideal energy source and relationship with the data computed by it and for it. The potential economic and environmental impact of solar panel is enormous. Solar panels have only recently been improved upon so they are actually useful, and that use goes a long way. The original solar cell only got 1% efficiency, efficiency being the amount of light that strikes that is absorbed, and never really took off, as it just did not produce enough energy to be a viable solution to the world’s energy crisis. Today the world has solar cells that get up to nearly 45% and can solve multiple problems in the world at once, such as eliminating poverty, universal access to light, and providing a reliable long-term…

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