Solar Of Solar Power On A Small Scale Essay

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The electricity we use comes from several different sources such as: Coal, Oil, Gas, Sun, Water, etc. And each energy source has its own energy transfer (above). Some have longer processes while others have shorter ones.
Positives and negatives of small scale solar power:
Solar power on a small scale, i.e. a house or farm, can be beneficial to some people as they may be exposed to a lot of sunlight. Some positives of small scale solar power: solar energy is free –once installed, panels pay for themselves and solar energy is totally free. Furthermore, as years go by, technology will be better, thus so will solar panels. However, the downside to this is installing solar panels requires a huge initial investment, usually around £7,000 to £10,000,depending on length of the panel and roof space. The sun is a renewable energy resource; solar energy is a silent and green energy and helps reduce your household’s carbon footprint. On the other hand, the making of the solar panels use up silicon and other toxic metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead. And polluting in the environment can also decrease the quality and efficiency of photovoltaic cells (the item that converts visible light into direct current DC). Some economic factors of solar power to consider is the price of decommissioning/recycling the solar panels after a certain amount of years and then buying the newer set which could cost a fortune to some could suggest until further technology developments…

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