Solar Energy On The Rise Of Florida Essay

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Solar Energy on the Rise in Florida
Florida is one of the most energy consuming states in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. In many instances, Florida residents are concerned with the future of energy production. Most of the materials necessary for generating energy in Florida come from other states or countries. Approximately 61% of electricity generated in Florida arrives from natural gas through two interstate pipelines. The Florida gas pipeline runs from Texas to South Florida, while the Gulfstream pipeline is an underwater connection from Mississippi and Alabama to central Florida. Another nearly 23% of the electricity comes from coal. Since Florida does not possess a coal deposit, coal-fired electricity generating plants import coal from Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia and some countries within South America. Crude oil refineries were never developed in Florida; indeed, most of the petroleum has to be imported. Almost 12% of the electricity comes from three nuclear plants in Turkey Point, Crystal River, and Port St. Lucie. The remaining 2.3% of the electricity is divided into multiple renewable resources around the state, including biomass, hydroelectricity generators, and solar thermal or solar cells (“Florida”). Florida is dependent on other states for its electricity source; most of the time, Florida’s demand exceeds the capacity of the state’s energy supply. Even more, energy regulation was instituted by the…

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