Solar Energy Dependence

What is the planet friendly solution to our dependence on fossil fuel? Our solution to the dependence on fossil fuel is solar energy. Solar energy is the primary source of power for humans to use thousands of years and appears every day for free. Indians used the sun to dry hides, herbs, and meats for storage. Prior to the invention of the clothes dryer, people used a line pulled tight between two poles or structures to hang clothes on for the sun to dry. In more recent times, people use solar energy to power their homes. Previous methods of collecting the sun for energy has been large panels on rooftops. These large panels are easily damaged by hail and have heavy glass covers over them on residential roofs. There is new technology that allows solar collection devices to be incredibly thin and flexible and even transparent. Solar power allows people to live independently from fossil fuel. Electricity even powers modern cars. Car owners collect solar energy with panels and route it through an electrical system to charge their …show more content…
Greenhouse gases built up in the atmosphere trapping heat, therefore causing the planet to heat up. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, “solar energy is a renewable resource available within every geographic region of the U.S. with great potential to significantly reduce our nation’s ghg emissions” (SEIA). Using solar power releases zero greenhouse gases into the environment. Integrating this environmental saving solar panel into our home’s electrical system is a way to help the environment. Using the power drawn from the solar panels to our energy efficient appliances will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Another way to reduce emissions is to have our home heating and cooling system powered by the sun and also by raising the setting on the thermostat during the summer and lowering it during the winter by two

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