Should Hydrogen Fuel Replace Biodiesel Fuel?

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Sources become less available, but people’s life style will continue to remain the same. Transportation and electricity are the two major area that are consuming the scarce sources in our country. Transportation uses 56% of gasoline and electricity generally used 27% of natural gas in 20141. Gasoline and natural gas become less available as time goes by. Algae biodiesel can replace gasoline after 20 years. Nuclear power and coal power can provide baseload electricity; solar power and natural gas can use battery to provide the peak electricity. Algae can be produced with waste water in the photobioreactors or open ponds. Photobioreactors is a closed environment which incorporates natural sunlight or artificial illumination to provide a suitable …show more content…
Diesel fuel are mostly transported by truck and pipeline. The pipeline for transporting biodiesel already exist in the America so new method of transportation is not necessary. While people are pondering about whether they should be using hydrogen or biodiesel fuel, transportation and cost are the biggest barrier in using hydrogen fuel. Firstly, the pipeline are not suitable for hydrogen fuel as hydrogen particles are small. This means that the existing method of transportation for biodiesel fuel could not be used and an alternate transportation method need to be created. Furthermore, hydrogen fuel tend to leak from the pipeline and the metal inside the pipeline needs to be replaced often. It will incur more cost if hydrogen fuel is …show more content…
On the other hand, oil has a big impact on environment. That is because the chemical constituents of oil are poisonous and therefore big amount of oil spill can harm both the animals and plants. It can affect organisms from internal exposure to oil through ingestion or inhalation, and from external exposure through skin and eye irritation.
Coal and nuclear power can support baseload electricity because nuclear power and coal power run 24 hours per day and 365 days per year to provide electricity. The baseload hours are between 10pm to 10am, which are the hours that has minimum electricity demand. Nuclear power is also a well-known technology and it provides 19% of electricity. Coal also provides 39% of electricity in The United States.
Nuclear and coal power will continue to remain at the same percent as right now which is the power to generate enough for 2.63 PWh baseload electricity. There is an abundant of coal in The United States, and its prices are very low. Therefore, coal is used often to generate electricity as it is affordable. However, it is the dirtiest sources. These two are the best affordable way to provide baseload electricity. If using nuclear power, the cleaner solution is to use the PUREX method, but the prices cost extra 39.4 trillion, which it is difficult to deal with waste with that big amount of

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