Solar Energy And Solar Power

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Sources become less available, but people’s life style will continue to remain the same. Transportation and electricity are the two major area that are consuming the scarce sources in our country. Transportation uses 56% of gasoline and electricity generally used 27% of natural gas in 20141. Gasoline and natural gas become less available as time goes by. Algae biodiesel can replace gasoline after 20 years. Nuclear power and coal power can provide baseload electricity; solar power and natural gas can use battery to provide the peak electricity. Algae can be produced with waste water in the photobioreactors or open ponds. Photobioreactors is a closed environment which incorporates natural sunlight or artificial illumination to provide a suitable environment for algae growth. Even though it has higher level of control and productivity, the cost …show more content…
Solar power cannot be efficient all the time because there are day and night, sunlight and cloudy days. The sunlight directly on solar panel around 4 to 6 hours depend on the location. If all of the solar power can be stored in a battery, it can satisfy people’s need during the peak electricity period. More sunlight area uses more solar power while less sunlight area relies more on natural gas. The states like California, Florida, and Hawaii have sunlight most of the time. Thus, it is good for those states to use more solar power, and the power can be stored in a battery. The places that are cloudier and have less sunlight can continue to use natural gas as sources of electricity until the battery is fully developed. Increasing solar power will decrease the pollution of natural gas. Solar power does not cause any pollution because they are renewable sources that gets its energy directly from the sunlight. The price of solar power has decreased to affordable pricing. More solar power also means less natural gas, and less natural gas means less

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