The Hot En Tot Venus Analysis

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A young girl named Sarah Bartman crossed the ocean from her home in South Africa to Europe, unknowingly about her future as the Hot en Tot Venus. The Hot en Tot Venus would become a pin point towards understanding the hyper sexuality of the black female body. In the documentary Sarah Bartman, one of the reasons there was such a fascination with her is because scholarly work had described the African people of a different species. The Black female bodied landed on the boundaries between animalistic and human. In reality, Sarah’s body was no different than any other woman’s bodies. Yet, she stood up on a stage day after day being paraded around for her features. She was caged like an animal, and treated as an object. When moved to Paris, …show more content…
Music, and the music videos that accompany it, display how black males attempt to reach the reimagined values of masculinity and how these values affect black women. No Respect: Gender Politics and Hip-Hop in Gender Talk, analyzes the affects of gagster rap and hip-hop in the late 90s early 2000s in relation to youth culture specifically, gender relations and understanding within the African-American community. Within rap music there is a normalization of black women being inhuman, promiscuous, valueless, hypersexual as well as not rape-able. Rap music seems to have fashioned all women as the desire for black men; intentionally focusing on the black female body. Women in rap are constantly referred to as “hoes” and “ bitches” furthered stabilizing the materialization of women. In the film Beyond Beats and Rhymes by Byron Hurt, the scene in which he attended the BET festival in Florida and caught on film. Women being slapped on their behind, grabbed at and had lewd words spit at them. This furthered proves the implication of how rap music has created a dangerous realm of how gender and the black female body are understood. The black female body is not longer human but becomes a material object in which its purpose is for the black

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