Sojourner Truth, A Woman Of Patience, Courage, And Faith Essay

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Sojourner Truth
In 1843, an ex-slave by the name of Sojourner Truth encountered a spiritual breakthrough which led her to become an inspiration to women and blacks everywhere. Sojourner Truth, a woman of patience, courage, and faith, believed she was challenged by a call from God to preach the truth, and guide those who feel inferior to live a more meaningful life. The journey of Sojourner Truth has been an example for generations of what it is to strive for equality, even when all odds were against her. Sojourner Truth was a former slave who helped newly freed slaves. When slavery had been abolished in the state of New York, she escaped to freedom because “The Anti Slavery Act, that was passed, allowed Truth to be free”(“Sojourner Truth asks “Ain’t I a woman?””). Truth had 4 children and was only able to take one with her legally, due to the Emancipation Act. Sojourner Truth was originally born as Isabella Baumfree; nevertheless, when she went through a spiritual breakthrough she changed it. Her name choice of Sojourner lied in the fact that she wanted to go on journeys. She changed her name to Truth “announcing she would travel the land as an itinerant preacher, telling the truth and working against injustice” (“Sojourner Truth A life”). Truth was very strong in many social movements. She was a women’s rights activists, and preached with an extremely powerful voice. Her religious passion guided her to connect with many reformers who strived to create a better world.…

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