Soil Water And Air Pollution Essay

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Chapter: Soil, Water and Air Pollution
1. Introduction: Definitions of soil, water and air pollution; sources and types of soil, water and air pollution, soil and water pollution status in India
With rapid increase and development in industrial and agricultural sectors along with population explosion, huge amount of organic and inorganic waste is released in environment and causing serious threats to environment and agro-ecosystem. This procedure can bring about a danger in the human wellbeing. The potential issues in environment brought on by pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, composts, agriculture residues, wastewater, solid waste, sewage, transgenic living beings. The outcomes are an increment in harmful components in air, soil and water
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Agricultural activities: With development of technologies and population growth, use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has been increased in agriculture. Many agricultural practices have harmful effects on soil quality and contribute to both surface soil and ground soil pollution. Because of low efficiency, fertilizers get accumulated in soil over time and cause ill effect on soil fertility and productivity. Chemicals or salts present in pesticides have also harmful effect on plants and animals when left behind in the soils. These chemicals along with surface runoff or by leaching can reach to water bodies and contaminate drinking …show more content…
Point sources: when water is polluted from a single or discrete location like sewerage pipe, runoff from a field and from a factory outlet etc. is known as point source water pollution. Point sources are easy to identify and easy to manage.
Non-point sources: when water is polluted from various sources from a large area like agriculture runoff, construction sites, city street flow etc. is known as non-point source water pollution. Non-point sources are harder to identify and harder to control.
There are many types of water pollution depending on the pollutants sources of their origin. These are as follow:
1. Groundwater pollution: Groundwater refers to water stored under earth’s surface and sources of this water are rain, hail, snow etc. The sources of groundwater contamination could be natural or man-made. Groundwater pollution occurs due to recycling of industrial waste without proper treatment and leaching of toxic chemical (fertilizers and pesticides) below soil surface from agriculture fields. Groundwater pollution is of more concern as it contaminates drinking

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