Essay Soil Not Oil : Environmental Justice

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Being “Green” is an economic, socially driven philosophy that many companies adapt in an effort to help improve the environment and attract more customers into buying their products. Companies claiming to be “Green” started when more customers became aware of the growing effects of global warming and began to show interest in helping the environment by recycling, reusing, and reducing their products. Two companies, McDonalds and Apple, sought to join the Green Movement. They make the company look “Green” by eliminating their waste products that mostly end up in landfills and by saving energy through renewable sources. However, despite both companies claiming to be “Green,” they are not because of the way their products are made and the transportation involved in shipping them. In the book, Soil Not Oil: Environmental Justice in a Time of Climate Crisis, Vandana Shiva expresses how companies play a big role in global warming due to deforestation and chemical emissions being released by the burning of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide. McDonalds and Apple keep up the appearances of supporting the Green Movement, when in fact they are major contributors to global warming, because the products made and the transportations involved require chemical emissions. McDonalds, the leading fast-food restaurant in the world, keeps up with the appearances of supporting the Green Movement. One way they contributes positively to the environment is by changing the toilet handles in…

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