Software Testing : Implementation Of Quality And Reliability Of The Product

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1.1 Testing:
Software testing is a phase in the software development that is used to provide stakeholders of the projects with information about the quality of the product or service that has been tested. Software Testing is also used to provide the objective and independent view of the system and that view allow to realize and understand the risks that could be faced at the implementation of the software. Multiple test techniques are included in the process of executing a program or application that has to be implemented with the intention of finding software bugs and errors.
Testing is the process of finding, detecting, or discovering errors. Testing plays a important role in assuring that we have achieved the required set of quality and reliability of the developed software. The results of testing are used in the later phases of the product i.e. maintenance.

Basic or primary objective of testing is to show that a program is working without any errors. The purpose of testing phase is to find, detect and discover the errors that may be present in the code or program. Hence the tester should not start testing of a program with the intention of just showing that a program works, but the intention of the tester should be that a program doesn’t work and he had to find some bugs or error in that program. So we can say that testing is the process of executing a program with an ultimate objective of detecting bugs and errors.


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