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Software Development Project Design Specification Outline

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Purpose of This Document

This document provides a suggested outline for a database application design specification that falls within Microsoft Development Framework guidelines. Hints for creating the content of each section and topic are emphasized and can be deleted from the final document draft. Items to be filled in during the creation of the document are noted with {bracketed text} which should be replaced with the actual text in the final specification document.

Different specifications will have
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The text here need not identify all specific problems or needs but should at least describe the ones that will be used as a basis for the cost justification topic later in the summary.

Proposed Solution

This topic briefly describes the proposed solution and how it will achieve the objectives itemized in the previous Identified Problems topic. These paragraphs should note who in the company will be affected by the project and what the expected effect on their daily workflow will be.

Project Scope

This topic provides a brief description of the scope of the project, including some or all of the following points:
• When will the project start and end?
• What are the major milestones: delivery dates and other deadlines?
• What parties will be involved and what are their individual responsibilities?
• What existing systems and workflows will be affected during development and deployment?

1B. Justification

This subsection is essentially the highlights of project justification, targeted at the readers that will be involved in approving funding for the project.

Cost Justification

This topic answers the question "Why should the company spend money on this project?" as succinctly as possible. Usually, the justification highlights one or more of the following benefits:
• Increased Profitability
• Decreased Expenses
• Increased Employee Productivity
• Increased Employee Job Satisfaction

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