Software Implementation Paper

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Internal Hardware upgrade to meet IT solution

Winston Compton
16 April 2016

Background As a Senior IT Specialist & Systems Analyst, some of my responsibilities are to interpret customer demands through provided business requirements and provide service needed with the right specifications. Also Develop design specifications for major components of an IT solution. Finally, as a senior member I need to be able to coordinate with other entities to provide individual components of IT developmental efforts. As a senior member of Upton, Martin Ulysses, & Clapper (UMUC) financial analysis firm specializing in conducting independent economics and market assessment for banks, insurance companies, mortgage
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I made sure to read the capabilities of each component and read the reviews of the component. This was the meticulous part of this method, as you had to choose a component that will be able to run the software’s being demanded by the firm to perform the daily activities. Once I had identified my components I wanted to upgrade, I had to figure out a way in which these components related to the demands and how they will enable the software’s. I started thinking basic information, remembering the reading from chapter 3, 8 and referred back to the modules for the proper internal components of a system unit. Therefore, I chose 7 components to present that were needed to properly meet the Senior Managements request.
Report Summary In order to meet all the attributes we would need to upgrade 7 components of all 35 personal computers (PC). These components are the motherboard, RAM memory, internal hard drive, Video card, sound card, and display monitor. This upgrade will allow for a smooth and fast operation of all daily activity the firm will be performing. The motherboard will be GIGABYTE GA-X99-UD4P; this component will allow the other components to be upgraded to be able to run the demanded software. This is a package deal; it comes with a Intel Core i7 processor to process computations and data. The G.SKILLS Ripjaws, will provide 16GB of RAM memory, which will allow for smooth computation and help with lag issues. Mushkin Hard

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