Software Application Development Methods In The IT Industry

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Every Company in the IT industry uses several different methods of software application development methods to give their best possible solutions to their client to meet all the requirements specified by the clients.
I worked for NTT DATA Global delivery services limited company, a private organization which is located at Hyderabad, India. Our company used different software application development methods depending on the client’s requirements.
Organizations everywhere are under increasing pressure to flex their business faster using software innovation to drive growth and respond more swiftly to changing markets. The demand to develop solutions quickly can have a negative effect on software quality, introducing the potential for risk and
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Agile method is an incremental approach. In Agile methodology changes can be made after the initial planning. With Agile methodology we can more likely expect the product near to the launch date.
Rapid application development:
Rapid application development (RAD) is a software development methodology that uses minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. The RAD model is based on prototyping and iterative development with no specific planning involved.
Here are the some of the scenarios followed by our company to handle software application development:
Scenario 1:
Project requirement:
Hanover is one of the largest insurance clients to NTT DATA which uses PeopleSoft to implement Finance module. The client’s requirement is to implement and support PeopleSoft for finance module. Our company has acquired the project and we implemented successfully implemented PeopleSoft finance module.
Preliminary Investigation or Analysis: In this method we will get the requirement from client and start investigating what technology should we use in order to fulfill the clients requirements. In this step software developer and project manager design the correct route how to proceed with the project and also plan for the resources to complete this project. Here we are asked to implement FSCM for finance
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 Integrate the information.
 Automatically generate the source code.

Basically TERASOLUNA works as follows firstly it will visualize the design information given by the clients from the database and the previous source codes and then integrates all the information and then it will generate the source code which matches the client’s requirement. With this model we can achieve high productivity and quality throughout all phases in the system life cycle.
Benefits of using this model is
Shorter time to analyze the system compared to similar projects where the system analysis was done manually (100% auto generation in 10% of the necessary time for manual analysis).
TERASOLUNA also generated the difference in the specification between the new and old source code so that the reviewer could easily identify what to review, and evaluate if the changed program correctly captured the user requirements or not. This effort reduced the number of change requests by two thirds and prevented multiple communications for one requirement.
Auto-generation of specification reduced the number of analysts required, thus freeing up personnel to do more testing activity. As a result, the number of bugs or problems after the release was reduced by two

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