Essay on Softball Sports And Sports Games

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Softball What started out as a men’s football game in Chicago, Thanksgiving day of 1887, lead to the greatest women’s sport, softball. At the end of the Yale football game, brooms were being used as “bats” to hit boxing gloves that were being thrown. There may be a lot of women’s sports, but what makes softball the best of them all? Is it because it was a sport that generated from one of the manliest sports? Or was it because of how it has changed tremendously throughout the years? Years ago softball was just played as a team sport using a 16” ball. As the years went on they started to add more ideas to this sport. They started to develop more teams because more girls wanted to play of different ages. What came of that was the many different leagues of softball including: junior fast pitch, senior fast pitch, and traveling teams. The Junior Fast Pitch league was created for the younger girls between the ages of five and twelve. This league helps the girls learn the fundamentals quicker while they’re still growing with knowledge. During this time they will learn how to bat. Batting for younger girls is very difficult and stressful. They don 't realize how thought out the swing of a bat is. In order for them to be able to swing at a ball, there has to be a girl who knows how to pitch. Pitching includes high amount of accuracy, which is the most stressful part of the team. When the girl hits the ball the girls in the field need to know how to field the ball, how throw the…

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