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Finding the Right Softball Gloves
Aside from softball bats, the important equipment in softball is fielding gloves. These are specifically designed to help and protect players in catching softballs. Softball gloves tend to lessen the impact of the ball to prevent injury.
Before, softball gloves are made of leather which only covers the palm. Nowadays, manufacturers use high-end tools in creating softball gloves. Modern-day gloves are made of highly specialized materials which enhance the player’s performance.
However, not all gloves are the same. They differ in materials and sizes. The type of softball glove you will use largely depends on your position and other factors such as level of play. You can also get to choose from the different designs of webbing and stitching, the patterns and sizes.

Sizes of Softball Gloves According to Age and Position
The most important factors in choosing
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Are you a left-handed or a right-handed person? Right-handed players throw using their right hand and they will wear the gloves on their left hand. The opposite applies to left-handed players.
Another important factor is the style of the gloves. Gloves vary in the following types:
• The webbing is the part of the gloves which connect the thumb to the fingers. This helps the players to catch and hold the ball firmly. It has an open and close design.

The open web design has a leather looses woven to the cross pattern. The spacing is wide enough for you to see better pop flies. It also allows faster ball transfer. The closed design features a tightly woven pattern which creates strong web and durability and support for catching.
• The pocket size refers to the indentation in the palm where the ball rests until you retrieve it. The outfielder’s glove has a bigger pocket size compared to a middle infielder. This allows outfielders to catch with

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