Soft Milk Vs. Cow Milk Essay examples

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Researchers have found that twenty-one percent of milk buyers choose tasty milk alternatives rather than the original cow’s milk ("Milk Substitutes vs. Cow Milk”). Almond milk serves as a popular, savory alternative to cow’s milk. Throughout the whole year, almonds maintain their availability, which allows for an easier access to supply almond milk in stores. A variety of reasons claim that almond milk exists as a popular alternative to cow’s milk. Those who suffer from diabetes and lactose intolerance or choose to be a sacrificing vegetarian or a sparing vegan can drink this scrumptious beverage. Along with the unique flavor of almond milk, an advantage of the popular drink is that it does not require refrigeration like dairy products generally require. (Nutty) Almond milk offers healthier options compared to cow’s milk because it encourages a healthy appearance, aids the functioning of the organs, and improves the growth of the muscles and bones.
As some could assume, vitamin E exists as a great source for protecting one’s fragile, dainty skin against sun damage. Well, almond milk maintains a great source of that vitamin, as well as vitamin D and vitamin B. Therefore, a person receives extra skin protection and help with hair growth because the milk contains 50% of the vitamin E and 25% of the vitamin D a person needs daily. (Brady, Krissy) According to Nutty on the NutMilk website, this beverage benefits one by slowing down the aging wrinkles that quickly approach. This…

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